• You can make any kind of fruit and vegetable juices and keep all the vitamines with the juice extractor #50.
  • Easy to use, silent and powerful, it is the ideal appliance for juice bars, hotels, restaurants and health food stores.
  • Perfect filtration: very fine sieve offering a high quality juice.
  • Maximum juice extraction: excellent yield, dry pulp in the container.
  • Preservation of vitamines: it extracts juice from fruits and vegetables without crushing or heating them.
  • Creativity: possibility to make any kind of juice, ex: ginger, beetroot, cucumber, pineapple, melon, grapes…
  • Silence: you can serenely make juice in front of your customers.
  • Space-saving product: it fits everywhere thanks to its low overall dimensions.
  • Extra wide feeding chute: you can put entire fruits and vegetables (time-saving).
  • Continuous juice production: automatic pulp ejection.
  • Exclusive patents: exclusive extra wide feeding chute, Ezy-clean system, instant friction braking system.
  • Professional motor, powerful and extremely silent (Santos know-how).