• RAPID WASHING SPEED: The major strength of the C50 is in its capacity: It can reach up to 260 racks per hour. And all this with compact dimensions and low space requirements. Three different speed levels allow you to adjust the wash cycle to suit the volume of wash items. With this, you are ready for anything. Even at peak times.
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: The C50 gives you full flexibility: The machine is available in two basic versions »single rinse« and »dual rinse«. The modular system also offers dif- ferent configuration and installation options. Pre-cleaning zone or drying zone? Possibility for HighTemp mode? Mechanical or electrical corner conveyor? Linear or corner inlet table? It is all possible – and can of course be upgraded later.
  • HYGIENE SAFETY: The C50 is specifically designed for first-class wash results, hygien- ic cleanliness and excellent drying: With a standard tank heating performance of 18 kW, upgradeable to a whopping 27 kW (HighTemp), and a thoroughly considered hygiene design. The boiler heating always operates with a stable 27 kW independent of the water pressure provided on site: This guarantees consistent and perfect rinse results.
  • USER FRIENDLY: The C50 is simple: Simple to install, simple to operate and simple to clean. The display is self-explanatory and language-neutral. Automatic programmes help you during the cleaning and ensure fast emptying and filling of the machine. Thus, your C50 is ready for use in no time at all.