Started off in 1965, At Antunes, we’re committed to providing you with innovative solutions that exceed expectations. We want to be an active partner in your success, and we have a simple philosophy that helps us achieve that vision. It’s all in the family – as a family-owned and operated business with three generations working side-by-side, we commit ourselves to treating you like a member of that family and relying on integrity, respect, passion, and excellence in everything we do to fulfil the needs of Restaurants, fast food chains, convenience stores, Hotels, healthcare, and institutional applications. Headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois and factories in North America, India and China, we have a significant presence in the world’s most significant markets, in the following product groups:

  • Toasting – We have toaster for every need from aromatic bagels to piping hot sandwiches with a crispy crunch, there’s no mistaking the great taste of perfectly toasted favourites. : Conveyorized Vertical, Flatbread, Radiant Toasters & Muffin Toasters. Ideal for Burger & Sandwich chains, QSRs, C-stores, Breakfast menus for the hotels.
  • Steaming – Steaming is the perfect way to melt cheese quickly and evenly, or prepare anything from seafood to pasta, vegetables and more. Our Range of steamers include the Rapid steamers, the Infinisteam models for holding & regeneration, Miracle steamers, Food warmers (DFW) ensures the food doesn’t lose its texture & colour, Steaming display cabinets & Hot Dog Hutch for merchandising. Ideal for QSRs, CDRs, C-Stores & Hotels.
  • Water Treatment – Our water treatment systems provide solutions for all kind of water application whether it is for steam, water, Ice, Coffee machines & dispensers, Iced/ Cold Beverages, Fountain beverages. The product portfolio includes VZN Ultrafiltration, VZN Chloramine reduction, Hardness/ Scale reduction system, Clearbev & TAC system.
  • Custom Solutions :
    • Digital Solutions: StoreLynk, a cloud-based analytics platform that simplifies the integration of sensors, IoT equipment and mobile data and transforms that data into standardized actions and procedures. StoreLynk has proven to help restaurants and food vendors improve food safety, food quality and store operations.
    • Automated Solutions – Customized automated solutions allow restaurants to improve customer experiences, strengthen food quality, and expand more profitably. Recently developed an Automated Prep line solution for one of the biggest Burger chains in the world, Automated Bun feeding & Sauce dispensing, Touchless sauce dispensers.
    • Integrated Solutions: Integrated solutions combine multiple equipment applications – from toasting and steaming to dispensing, holding, and beyond – into a single point-of-use system. Whether it’s maximizing throughput for a specific menu item, or generating significant savings in energy and labour costs, an integrated solution is customized to transform operational challenges into tangible gains.
  • Grilling - Antunes grilling equipment is designed to cook, warm, and even display customers’ favourites. Our easy-to-use egg stations are renowned for their consistency, flexibility, and versatility, making it quick and simple to serve up moist, delicious scrambles and omelettes in minutes. We have a range of Egg Stations & Panini Grill, an ideal solution for high-volume operations of Cafés, QSRs, C-Stores & Hotels.
  • Merchandising- Having the right display helps you put the best possible product in front of your customers. Not only does it attractively promote your brand, but it also helps drive impulse sales throughout the day. Our heated merchandising display cabinets keep the product hot, delicious, and ready to go. Our range of Heated display cases, Warmer drawers, Cooker Warmers(Baine Marie), Corn Cookers & Hot dog Corrals an ideal solution QSRs, C-Stores, Cafes & Hotels.
  • Timing - Our multi-channel timers can help operators organize kitchen tasks and bring precision to the order preparation process. Hand wash timers & Solar Timers ideal for QSRs, CDRs, C-Stores & Hotels.
  • Dispensing - Our Touchless sauce dispensing solutions are very efficient, cost effective & highly recommended especially in the post covid situation where we need to have minimal touch points in the dining or takeaways. Ideal for QSRs, CDRs, C-Stores & Hotels Buffet stations. Dial-a- Cup is our range of Cup Dispensers. Ideal for QSRs, CDRs, C-Stores & Hotels.

Our culinary team can help you for your equipment related needs. I would be happy to share any further information required. Please advise a suitable time to connect with you at your convenience.